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Scott Wintrip’s book is for the next phase of our careers, when we are seeking not only bigger outcomes, but deeper meaning behind them. Using principles many of us have integrated into our every day lives from yoga class, he proves that time-honored practices like slow breathing and focused attention play out equally well at work. These lessons will surely help if you are in sales, but also if you are seeking more effectiveness in life.

—Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder, BlogHer

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Tired of domineering “close a deal at any cost” sales approaches? Like to know how to “sell and serve” people so they trust you, buy from you and refer you to others?

If so, this book’s for you. After 20+ years as an award-winning sales expert, Scott Wintrip has transformed the manipulative “Always Be Closing” process into a more-evolved “Always Be Collaborating” process in which everyone prospers.

His evolutionary, mutually-rewarding approach is called Sales Yoga.

Now, for the first time, he is sharing is proprietary, step-by-step methodology that has helped his audiences and private clients produce bottom-line results.

If you would like to meet and exceed your sales quotas – while meeting the true needs of clients and co-workers – buy this book. Its innovative approaches will help you make a positive difference for others while making a profitable income for you.

Having been in the sales and marketing arena for decades, I know great ideas when I see them. Sales Yoga is the perfect marriage of a collaborative sales process with the centeredness that comes from yoga. The book is packed with highly applicable ideas, and includes an action plan at the end of each chapter to support immediate implementation.

—Melita Balestieri, Vice President of Marketing, Randstad US Professionals

Scott is as dynamic on the page as he is on the stage. I appreciated the many real-life examples, action steps and interesting quotes that made this a page-turner.

—Jennifer Goldstein, Director of Sales, Ardor Health Solutions

Having written 6 books and worked with hundreds of authors, I know Sales Yoga will be a game-changer for everyone who reads it and implements the ideas. Scott Wintrip’s approach is insightful and one-of-a-kind.

—Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert and author of POP!

Sales Yoga is packed with tangible take-aways and actionable ideas. Our global sales team has implemented many of these practical concepts and they are having a very positive impact on our ability to bring in new business while expanding existing relationships.

—Andrea Hopkey, President, Technical Services Firm

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