Sales Yoga Audio Workshop

Breathe New Life into Your Sales Practice in Just a Few Minutes Each Day

Download a sample of Scott’s “Sales Yoga” Audio Workshop

Are you tired of the disrespect and poor treatment of salespeople? Would you like to be seen differently by buyers? Are you ready to stand out from your competitors?

If so, then Sales Yoga – The Audio Workshop, is for you. In just a few minutes each day, you’ll learn how to transform your sales practice using life-changing strategies based upon the powerful and timeless principles of yoga.

Best of all, this program is immediately available after your purchase as an MP3 download. That means you’ll be able to begin your journey as a Sales Yogi right away.

Recorded live in Scott’s Sales Yoga Studio, your daily journey into the practice of Sales Yoga will include the following “poses”…

  • Breathing New Life into Your Sales Practice
  • Your Practice is Just Practice
  • The Buyer Bridge
  • Balancing Your Book of Business
  • Cobra Closing
  • Selling Salutations
  • Your Daily Edge
  • Sales Flow
  • Corpse Pose for Selling
  • Restorative Referrals
  • Headstands for Gatekeepers
  • Sales Warrior One
  • Stretching Value
  • Hot Sales Yoga
  • Be Where Your Feet Are
  • Twists and Inversions
  • Sales Warrior Two
  • Meditative Selling
  • Collaborative Energy
  • Looking from the Mountain Pose

Download a sample of Scott’s “Sales Yoga” Audio Workshop:

Sales Yoga – The Audio Workshop

Price: $39.00

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