Scott As Your Next Keynote Speaker

Scott as Your Next Keynote Speaker

Looking for someone who will challenge the status quo, provide practical solutions for the most important challenges, and make people think, laugh, and feel compelled to act?

If so, then Scott Wintrip is the right speaker to deliver your next keynote address, workshop, or masterclass.

Scott’s programs are consistently the highest rated events at major conferences across the globe. He has delivered over 1,000 sessions to audiences as large as 3,000.

His presentations focus on how organizations and leaders can achieve better results by instilling a culture that responds to the on-demand, fast-paced, world around us.

Popular topics include:

For corporate leadership:

The Talent Rich Organization

Mastering the Changing Rules in the War for Top Talent

For hiring managers:

The Talent Accelerator Process

How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant

For staffing, talent acquisition, and HR professionals:

No More Empty Seats

Talent Management in the Social Era

On diversity:

The Evolution of Diversity

Cultivating an Inclusive Workforce in a Conflicted World

About hiring technology audiences:

Just In Time Talent

Leveraging the Expanding Role of Technology in the On-Demand Economy

Next Step

If you are ready to discuss how Scott can add value to your event, use the Contact Us link or call 866-789-6757 in the United States or +1 727 502 9182 from anywhere else in the world.

What People Are Saying

“More raving fans are singing your praises”

Thanks for the keynote presentation and workshop sessions at our national kickoff meeting. You really hit the mark once again, which is why we keep bringing you back for more! More raving fans are singing your praises…what else is new!

-Tim McPherson, President & COO, Nesco Resource and Affiliates

“Scott is a true professional”

It has been my pleasure to work with Scott on two specific conference projects during 2013. One in Singapore via video conference and the other in-person in London. Scott is a true professional, which made the process quick and effective, and a knowledgeable, articulate and engaging speaker, receiving superb feedback from our delegates. I fully expect to work with Scott again and, frankly, look forward to it.

—Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo

“Asked RIGHT ON THE SPOT to return next year”

After acting as the chairperson for no less than ten conventions and being responsible for lining up top-notch, nationally recognized speakers each year, I can assure you that your program was by far the most well received we have ever had the pleasure of sponsoring. And those are not my words, but the comments from participants across the board. I can without a doubt tell you that no one to my memory has ever been asked RIGHT ON THE SPOT to return next year!

—Bobbie Wheeler, President, FSA

“Delivering the best value”

“You are consistently one of the highest rated speakers at Staffing World, being acknowledged for delivering the best value. The only complaint I’ve received is that we should give you more time since your message is that valuable.”

—Tracy Rettie, Vice President, Education and Chapter Relations, American Staffing Association

“The best content I’ve received in years”

“You received an overall score of 4.7 out of 5. Comments from the audience included:
‘Great ideas’
‘Excellent insight, I may consider hiring Scott’
‘Fantastic information’
‘Excellent session, some of the best content I’ve received at NAPS in years’
‘Great presentation, loved the concept’”

—Carolyn Boyer, Vice President, NAPS

“Fully engaged our audience of senior industry figures”

“Scott delivered a concise, professional and highly effective keynote speech for our Asia Pacific Summit. A clearly defined presentation, delivered with enthusiasm that fully engaged with our audience of senior industry figures.”

—Gary King, Commercial Director, The Global Recruiter

“A difference to the bottom line”

“The feedback on Scott was excellent. People loved him and were thrilled with the valuable take away information they received. Attendees felt they actually had something they could bring back to their office and implement to make a difference to their bottom line.”

—Jackie Engmark, CSP, MNRSA Executive Director

“A hit with the audience”

“Scott’s executive leadership presentation was right on target. Scott’s perspective on accountability – its importance and how to instill and maintain it within the organization – was of great value to the audience. Scott shared with us his no-nonsense approach to managing and coaching individual contributors – both rookies and veterans alike. This is of paramount importance to the small/mid-sized firms that by nature have small management teams. Scott’s professional delivery, coupled with his vast knowledge, made him a hit with the audience! I encourage you to take advantage of seeing Scott if he comes to your market.”

—Jamie Schwartz, CPC, CTS, CERS, President & Chief Operating Officer, Haley Stuart Group

“Just when you think you know it all, Scott can teach you more”

“I attended a seminar led by Scott Wintrip and I am glad I did. Scott provided fresh ideas to help increase business and grab market share. Just when you think you know it all Scott can jump in and teach you more and help you to become more successful.”

—Rob McLean, VP Sales & Marketing, Adaptive Systems Inc.

“Impact on the industry”

“Scott’s impact on the industry continues to grow as he shares his perspective on staffing issues. TempNet is grateful to count him as one our our most trusted, informed, and consistent resources.”

—Mary Mycka, Executive Director, TempNet

“Powerful information”

“Your involvement added a lot of value to our conference. I received comments including:
‘Fantastic research to support program’
‘Powerful information’
‘Well presented’
‘Very good!’
‘Practical for my business’
‘Excellent speaker’
‘I could easily implement Monday’
Thanks again for doing such a great job!”

—Helene Cavanaugh, CTS, Executive Director, TAPC

“Extremely positive feedback”

“We received extremely positive feedback from the members who attended your presentations, and I could tell from the discussions that I heard from the session room that everyone was engaged in your dialogue and enjoying a lively rapport.”

—Mona Cavalcoli, Executive Director, NYSA

“Energetic, engaging and inspiring”

“Thanks Scott. You’re a wonderful speaker. Energetic, engaging and inspiring.”

—Eric N. Silverman
, President/CEO, Eric Robert Associates, Inc.

“Left a deep impression”

“Your program has left a deep impression, not only with me, but with all of our team who had the good fortune to take part. The knowledge we took away has easily been put into immediate action.”

—Michael McGeehan, Partner, J.M. Agency China

“Refreshed and excited about what we do”

“Thank you so much for the outstanding information you provided last Friday. I came back to the office refreshed and excited about what we do each day. Again, thank you for the a well spent day. I look forward to hearing you speak again soon.”

—Misty M. Lee, Branch Supervisor, Long’s Human Resources

“Sound strategies and techniques”

“With 65+ offices nationwide, FPC is always looking to bring our owners and consultants the best in education. Scott has gotten positive feedback from our owners for bringing sound strategies and techniques. His material is always fresh and timely and his delivery first rate.”

—Sue Azaria Kanrich, Director of Training and Operations, FPC

“Will change the way we work”

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. Unlike previous presenters, your presentation will change the way we work with clients and employees. Our staff is applying what they learned are expecting great returns.

—Ron Sanders, Executive Vice President, People Plus

“Scott is truly a master of his craft”

You are truly a master of your craft—you completely engaged the attendees, you summarized key points beautifully, and you made connections among seemingly disparate segments of the session.

—Kate Fessler, Director of Education, American Staffing Association

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