Vendors of Hiring-Related Products and Services

Who better to have on your side than Scott Wintrip, the guy who’s driving the most important innovation in hiring?”

-Pam O’Connor, Executive VP of HR, Catholic Relief Services

“I work for a business that provides hiring-related products and services.”

Whether we like it or not, we live in an on-demand era. Almost anything can be bought, sold, or shared in a click. Instant gratification is no longer optional. It is a requirement.

When it comes to hiring, there are many products and services that have made our lives easier. However, time-to-fill is at an all-time high, so there is significant need for improvement.

Vendors have a unique opportunity to support their customers in eliminating time-to-fill entirely. By helping organizations and staffing firms achieve Zero-to-FillSM, jobs are immediately filled the day they open.

Achieving Zero-to-FillSM requires continuous innovation. Also, vendors must ensure that users of their products employ those products to their fullest.

That’s why vendors hire me as their advisor. I help them have a deeper, more lasting impact on customers. Our relationship includes:

  • Creating solutions that make their customers more effective
  • Improving their products to help users be more efficient
  • Incorporating Lean RecruitingSM methods that eliminate waste
  • Enhancing product education which ensures users experience the full benefits.
  • Helping buyers select the best solutions during the sales process.
  • Refining the customer service experience, so that customers are better off after every interaction.

Who Typically Calls?

The titles vary, as do the size of the companies that inquire about advising. They are leaders like:

  • a Vice President of Product Development of a global Internet career site
  • a Senior VP of Sales of a back-office solutions provider
  • a President of a small software firm.

What they all have in common is they want what they sell to have a more significant impact. Their products or services are always good, and sometimes, already incredibly brilliant.

These leaders are committed to continually improving their offerings and how they sell them. They want more people benefiting from the value they provide, while also using this value in the right ways.

What Happens In The First Conversation?

The first conversation typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. I ask questions so I can better understand the company and leadership’s overall objectives. I then share details and facts about my firm and my expertise, and how I can help (and where I cannot be of help).

At the end of the first call, it is common to schedule a second conversation. In this second meeting, we dive into greater detail about the objectives, discuss risks, and any other parameters that have an impact on the engagement.

If we agree on working together, I create a proposal that outlines options, clear accountabilities, and the fixed fee for the work to be done.

Next Steps

If you are ready to discuss how we can work together, use the Contact Us link or call me at 866-789-6757 in the United States or +1 727 502 9182 from anywhere else in the world.

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