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“I work for a staffing service or recruitment firm.”

The Experience of Working With Scott

What is your time-to-fill?

If the answer is greater than zero,
that’s way too long.

Companies typically need talented people yesterday. Yet, they often have to wait until tomorrow, or many tomorrows, until that need is fulfilled. Add to this the demand to review multiple resumes and conduct a series of interviews and this process just gets longer and longer.

Before you know it, the person in whom they have an interest has taken another job and the staffing firm gets the blame for another instance of a recruiter letting them down. Is it any wonder that staffing and recruitment firms are often referred to as a necessary evil?

Buyers live in an on-demand, download-it-now, get-what-they-want-when-they-want-it society. Services that allow them to quickly access talent, such as Elance and TaskRabbit, are growing at a rapid pace. The age of on-demand buying of virtually everything is here and it is going to stay.

Staffing services and recruitment firms who have the talented people buyers need the moment they call are infinitely more valuable than those who do not. In addition, firms that provide instantaneous hiring of full-time and contract talent enjoy intense buyer loyalty, increased market share, and higher margins.

Leaders across the globe hire me to help them make their competitors irrelevant by delivering their services with greater speed and accuracy.

How It Works

Who Makes The Call?

The leaders who reach out to me come from a wide range of organizations:

  • Large Staffing Companies
    Conversations with larger staffing companies, whose scope and reach can often extends to multiple countries, include the strategic and operational leaders in the c-suite and other prominent executives like Senior VP’s of sales and VP’s of recruitment.
  • Mid-Market Firms
    I also hear from mid-market firms with either a central location serving a broad geography or multiple offices delivering talent within their markets. In these instances, I typically speak with either top level leadership or senior managers who are responsible for sales, recruiting and operations.
  • Small Staffing and Recruitment Firms
    When leaders from smaller staffing and recruitment firms call, I typically speak with a CEO, President, or Partner. These companies usually serve a local market, a specific niche, or a combination of the two.

Regardless of company size or who is making the call, all of these organizations face one or more of these common challenges:

  • They need more candidates or contract talent.
  • Their customers are resistant to change, even when those changes are helpful.
  • The internal staff and management within the firm are also resistant to change.

What Happens In The First Conversation?

The first conversation typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. During that time, I ask questions to help me understand the company, the current circumstances, and overall objectives. I then share details about my firm and expertise, and how I can help (and where I cannot be of help).

At the end of the first call, it is common to schedule a second conversation. In this second meeting, we dive into greater detail about the objectives, discuss risks, and any other parameters that have an impact on the engagement.

If we agree that working together is mutually beneficial, I create a proposal that outlines options, clear accountabilities, and the fixed fee for the work to be done.

Next Steps

If you are ready to discuss how we can work together, use the Contact Us link or call me at 866-789-6757 in the United States or +1 727 502 9182 from anywhere else in the world.

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