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  • How to Avoid Being an Employment Commodity
    Here’s a fact about the jobs at your company that you may not like: they’re a commodity. You might think that what you have to offer is unique and the position you’re filling is like no other. You may believe your work environment is novel and the culture you create in your workspace is special.
    • Powerlessness and Hiring Don’t Mix
      Feeling powerless is one of the darker aspects of being human. Whether you’re a parent who can’t stop an illness from ravaging your defenseless child, or you’re at home on the couch watching a television newscast about the latest violent attack in the Middle East, you all—we all—experience powerlessness at some point during life. Much of it, like incurable diseases, can’t be stopped. Some of it, however, like the powerless feeling many people have during the hiring process, can and should be minimized or eliminated.
    • How Good Interviews Become Bad Hires
      Just like a few good dates with an attractive person of interest can lead to a bad relationship, a good series of interviews with a talented job candidate can lead to a bad hire. The common thread linking these relationship mishaps is our cultural obsession with assessment. eHarmony tests compatibility using their proprietary 29 DIMENSIONS, Chemistry.com uses a system called the Chemistry Profile, and in my field–hiring–companies apply tools like Wonderlic, the DISC, and the Rembrandt Portrait.
    • Keep Top Talent on Deck
      Sports analogies are common in the business world. They usually revolve around notions of cooperative team play, work ethic, and the value of self-sacrifice in pursuit of a common goal. All those comparisons are helpful and good, and effective managers use them all the time to motivate their employees to accomplish the mission of a business.
    • The Hateful Love of Staffing
      In October 2015, the experts at Staffing Industry Analysts released a report rating primary staffing suppliers. The report was chock full of useful, interesting information, but I’d like to focus on one primary area I found compelling—the Net Promoter Score, a measure which rates customer loyalty.

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