“Moved our team from good to great”

Scott was a tremendous help to our HR leadership team and our talent acquisition group by provoking new ideas and holding us accountable for getting better. We are now in a much better place, moving our team from good to great.

—Philip Zoller, Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Development, Human Services Group, Florida Blue

“We’ve become the on-demand provider buyers seek”

Scott Wintrip has served as our advisor for the past few years. Not only has he given us outstanding advice on how to make our company more effective and efficient, he has also helped us manage our explosive growth so it would not overwhelm our capabilities. Most importantly, he has guided us on how to be more responsive to customers, allowing us to become more of the on-demand provider that buyers seek.

—Staci Thornton, CPA, CFO and Partner, IMKO Workforce Solutions

“We are a better company and I am a better leader as a result of working together.”

Scott Wintrip’s guidance has been invaluable in my leadership role at Elwood Staffing. His strategic advice on how to drive continuous improvement and innovative insights for High Velocity Hiring have been invaluable. Scott’s experience, wisdom, and overall knowledge of our industry helped me implement some key initiatives and infrastructure changes that were key to our continued growth going forward. We are a better company and I am a better leader as a result of working together.

—Mike Stockard, Jr., Executive Vice President, Elwood Staffing

“Scott helps companies be more nimble, responsive, and competitive”

The experience with Scott Wintrip has been terrific, with the feedback from our leadership team being very complimentary. He is on the cutting edge of the business, helping companies be more nimble, responsive, and competitive as a result of his innovative approaches. We remain engaged with Scott to continue to fine-tune InterQuest.

—Mark Braund, CEO, InterQuest Group UK

“I am more sure of the hiring decisions I make now than I was before working with Scott”

I am responsible for hiring Sales and Recruiting Team Members for our company. Scott helped me re-structure the recruiting process I previously followed to fill these positions, and the result is that I am more sure of the hiring decisions I make now than I was before working with Scott. The interview questions, timelines and candidate follow up tasks that are part of the recruiting process that Scott suggested help me better understand each candidate, what each candidate’s behavior will likely be in a work setting and whether or not a candidate is the best fit for our company. After I made my first hire using this process, Scott also helped me create a training schedule to get our new Team Member on board and up-to-speed more quickly than before. The result was that this new Team Member joined our Sales Team and began gaining momentum in our Sales Department at a previously unprecedented pace, and I now have a training process I can replicate to get all future hires up-to-speed.

—Amy Grussing, Vice President, PMG

“Scott is able to cut through your clutter and forge a path.”

As a business owner, one can easily get lost in the minutiae of running your business. Sometimes you can visualize your goal, but not how to get there. Scott is able to cut through your clutter and forge a path. His suggestions are practical, based on real-world experience and most important, achievable. Especially when it comes to being a provider of on-demand hiring. But only work with him if you’re serious about change and success.

—Kim Jones, Kim Ozias Jones, PT, President, RehabAbilities

“Able to recruit and hire the right staff”

When we first met Scott we had been trying to develop a sales culture within our organization and create a compensation plan to incentive our sales force. Our compensation plan, created with the help and guidance of Scott, has been implemented! It’s been a huge success and we’ve been able to recruit and hire the right staff to take our sales force and culture to the next level.

—Donald L. Mooney, President and CEO, NURSES Etc

“Thorough understanding of best practices in recruiting cannot be matched”

Scott has not only changed the direction of my career in the two years we have worked together, but more importantly, he has changed the direction of my entire firm, providing each employee with a positive outlook and more substantial goals, all of which I have gained under his tutelage.

I was a decent producer and a less-than-par manager when Scott and I met. Regrettably, the overall office did not fare much better. However, within a short time, Scott provided critical industry knowledge and a plan for making some long- and short-term adjustments. He has a thorough understanding of best practices in recruiting and his experience within in the field cannot be matched. Scott is not one of those consultants who strings you along in a program, offering little nuggets of information here and there, which will only be explored further in a later session. Rather, he is ready and willing to share his expertise, explaining concepts in a way that can easily be digested, immediately be reproduced, and quickly be relayed. By design, this has moved the entire company forward with a shared vision. Scott is a true mentor. I can now say with confidence that I am a leader in both production and management, as the ideas and innovations I have gleaned from Scott are truly practiced and preached by everyone in the office.

—Korey Wright – Partner, Infusive Solutions

“Pragmatic ideas”

Scott’s communication skills, pragmatic ideas and best practices are sought out by companies seeking to improve results.

—Rod Hore, Director, HHMC Australia

“Helped transform the way we do business”

Staffing is an industry people tend to complicate. Scott Wintrip brings simple, sustainable, methodologies to hold recruiters and sales executives radically accountable. In the constantly evolving staffing industry, Scott also helped transform the way we do business.

—Karen Spann, President, Professional Employment Group

“Fabulous in giving us a sounding board”

Scott is fabulous in giving us a sounding board and access to his smarts. Having him on retainer is like having an insurance policy that, unlike fire insurance, only gets used after the fire.

—Niki Davidson, Regional Director, Allstates Technical Services, Telecom Division (a KBR company)

“We experienced tremendous growth, improved operational efficiencies, and higher profits”

We didn’t realize that one consultant could have the scope and the reach that Scott does. Once we were educated as to the variety of things Scott could do for us, almost concurrently, we experienced tremendous growth, improved operational efficiencies, and higher profits.

—David Jacobsen, President, PMG

“Our growth has been twice that of many of our competitors”

In comparing our progress this year using your services, our growth has been twice that of many of our competitors.

—Dan Struve, Chairman/CEO, Helpmates Staffing Services

“An outstanding advisor that I highly recommend to any company”

Scott conducted an Effectiveness Audit of our company to help us create a growth strategy. He gave us a tremendous amount of detail that was very targeted for our specific needs. The information was conveyed in a very clear and concise manner that made it easy for us. As a result of his help, we now have a much clearer focus, a new direction, as well as a roadmap on how to get there. Scott is an outstanding advisor that I highly recommend to any company looking to improve and grow.

—Melissa Peirce, Senior Partner, The Wellspring Group

“Scott is at the top of his game and can be so many things to so many organizations”

I and my firm have worked with Scott Wintrip for over a decade years. Scott is a consultant who takes a very different approach to his business and business relationships. He has provided everything from education to our sales and recruiting professionals to mentoring and coaching with our senior leaders and myself over the years. The thing I like best about Scott is that he listens and truly gets to know and intimately understand the organizations he is working with. He has worked with us on setting up new divisions, helped with designs for compensation plans, conducted strategic planning with our senior team, organization changes, and worked in a one-on-one capacity with some of our executives. All of this to say that Scott is at the top of his game and can be so many things to so many organizations. He is really a one-stop-shop and a top professional when it comes to his knowledge, trends, performance metrics, and more. I plan to work with him for another decade at least!!

—Andrea Hopkey, President, Allstates Technical Services, a KBR company

“Best consulting session”

Thank you for one of the BEST consulting sessions; we all appreciate your time. What we have learned is very beneficial. I definitely came away energized.

—Karen Brown, National Team Director, Exact Staff

“Invaluable guidance”

Scott’s guidance moving into uncharted territory has been invaluable. By understanding from the beginning “true best practices,” we have undoubtedly circumvented many trials and tribulations.

—Vanessa Hughes, President, Hughes Resources

“Business has grown and expanded as a direct result of the consultative relationship”

Working with Scott Wintrip has impacted my business in a significant way. I can say emphatically that my business has grown and expanded as a direct result of the consultative relationship we have developed with Scott over the past five years. Scott and I work together to develop strategic approaches to the opportunities, problems and challenges I encounter as an owner and the business leader. His fresh approach and perspective have allowed me to conquer many challenges in my business! We also utilize many of the tools and resources his company provides including analytics, blogs, and workshops for personal and business development.

—Mary Younggren, President, Tempforce

“Positive changes from ideas and guidance”

I have benefited tremendously by our work together and feel very comfortable that I fill my roll at EDGE far more competently than if I had ventured forth alone. EDGE has obviously benefited by having your ideas and guidance and we see positive changes.

—Scott Koenig, Senior Vice President, EDGE Services

“Unique approach that changes habits and behaviors”

I utilize Scott for consulting, executive coaching, workshops and truly value his advice and perspective. He has a unique approach that truly focuses on changing habits and behaviors to drive results. Scott also has an uncanny ability to connect with everyone on a personal level and build instant trust.

—Conor Smith, President, The BOSS Group

“Reliable and responsible”

I have been working with you for over twelve years and you are one of the most reliable, responsive and supportive industry consultants that I work with. And believe me, I work with many!

—Tracy Rettie, Vice President, Education and Chapter Relations, ASA

“Processes that anyone can easily understand and implement”

Scott knows exactly how to drill down to the base of an issue and then construct a solid principle or process that anyone can easily understand and implement.

—James Brien, President, DRP Resource Group

“Guided me to make great choices”

I feel driven to thank you for the crucial, pivotal, and igniting role you have played for me. I am incredibly grateful for your influence in my work and life. You remain a powerful role model for me, and a story I have told many times about how you have guided me to make great choices.

—Simon Tyler, Author, The Simple Way

“New levels of success”

Scott’s knowledge and easy-going nature makes for an incredibly effective consultant. Since using him, I have been able to accomplish more goals more efficiently. My personal and professional abilities have risen to new levels of success. Scott is an excellent listener and mentor. Whether it is a simple question or a complex problem, Scott has a unique way of leading you to the answers.

—Cindy Komlenic, CEO, BancForce

“Wish we could keep Scott to ourselves”

Scott has revolutionized how companies hire full-time and contract talent. Having the right people is our key to success. With his help. we continue to become more efficient and effective. I just wish we could keep him to ourselves.

—Joyce Lopez, COO, EDGE Services

“130% organic growth over 36 months”

130% organic growth over 36 months in 2 new disciplines with total client diversification. Plus our inclusion in the Inc. 5000. Thank you for keeping the candle burning as we charted our course. We couldn’t have done it without your strategic help, tactical advice, and knowledge.

—Scott Witkin, Partner, Taylor Grey, Inc.

“Recommended to everyone but my competitors”

I recommend Scott Wintrip to every company in the country – just not the ones in my immediate area, because I want to have the edge over my local competition!

—Michele Germain, Director of Sales and Marketing, Firstaff

“Over 50% ahead of last year’s gross margin”

Since working with you, we are 25% ahead of last years revenue and over 50% ahead of last year’s gross margin. We have been quoting higher mark-ups compared to where we have been in the past – going after 1.5-1.6 rather than the 1.4-1.50. Thank you for providing great service to Per Sé. We truly value your approach.

—Chris O’Neill, President/CEO, Per Sé Group

“Twice as much business”

Using the ideas that Scott gave us, we have been able to fulfill almost twice as much business.

—Purity Ndolo, President & CEO, JayKay Staffing Services

“Loved the added bonuses I’ve received as my sales increased”

Scott rocks! I have learned many valuable things from him in the programs that I have attended. Not to mention, I loved the added bonuses I’ve received as my sales increased! I am much more effective and thereby profitable.

—Ann McDermott, Managing Partner, Keepers

“Turned the company around”

As a leader, it is lonely at the top. Some of my poor decisions during the last two or three years were costly. Being able to discuss new ideas, problems, and strategies with you has turned the company around. It feels good to make money for a change.

—Craig Knudson, President, BancForce

“Exceeded expectations”

Wow is all I can say! My expectations were definitely exceeded. The only way I can personally think to repay you is to have you use me as a reference any time you like.

—Cindy Griffin, A.J. O’Neal & Associates

“Changed my life”

Thank you so much for the beautiful coaching session today. It changed my life.

—Tasha Dimling, President, Strategic Alliance

“Point-on concepts”

Just a note of thanks for everything last week. Your energy and passion, along with the point-on concepts – were just what we needed.

—Shannon Russo, President, Kinetix

“Gross profits jumped 30 points”

In just a matter of months, Scott helped us improve our gross profits in our divisions by as much as 63%, a jump of over 30 points!

—Joe Thoemke, CEO, Thoemke Enterprises

“Proven recruiting methods”

Your work with us on this project exceeded our expectations. You were able to mold our StarMed methods and culture with your organization’s proven recruiting methodologies to help us create a new, proprietary model that will prove highly effective in a very competitive industry. Please know that I have no hesitation in recommending you or your organization.

—Todd McClure Cook, President, StarMed

“Learned more in six months than last 18 years”

Scott Wintrip has been a valuable resource with his consulting services to our company. We learned more in the last six months about best practices in the industry than in the last 18 years we have been in business as a staffing service that specializes in placements of marketing, creative, and interactive professionals. Scott absolutely, without a doubt, is a thought leader in our industry. He has a wealth of knowledge!

—Marlene Phipps, President, Celarity, Inc.

“Great consultant and mentor”

I had the pleasure working with Scott this year and he is a great consultant and mentor. Under Scott’s leadership I was able to implement a new hire KPI tool that has been instrumental and extremely valuable for my organization. I appreciate all of his insight and time he took to help me. Thank you Scott for all you have done.

—Wendy Tordilio, Director, Joule Staffing Solutions

“Only wish I had meet him sooner”

Scott was quite impressive, and left me thinking and changing some of my approaches. I only wish I had met him at the beginning of my tenure.

—Scott D. Shellhaas – Business Development Manager, Strategic Accounts, Allstates Technical Services, a KBR Company

“Having fun doing my job more effectively”

Thanks for all of your encouragement, wisdom, and support. I’ve been having fun doing my job more effectively, which hasn’t even seemed like a job lately.

—Anita Baul, NursePartners

“Closed three deals this week”

I’ve close three deals just this week. Thank you! Your have a wonderful style that I find very support and encouraging.

—Sue Gallegos, Account Manager, EDP