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How to Hire Salespeople Who Know How to Sell


One of the hardest and most stressful hires to make is a salesperson. Why? Because an interview with a prospective sales hire is a pitch. He’s pitching you to win the job. During a typical interview with a salesperson, he’s on his best behavior. He tells you the right things and shares only the best …

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Four Recruiting Tips for Small Business Owners in an Overtapped Labor Pool

Group of young business people in smart casual wear working together in creative office

As a small business owner, you’re beyond busy—and that isn’t likely to change. One moment, you’re serving as a salesperson, trying to close that new piece of business. The next, you’re playing service rep and solving a buyer’s problem or doing executive tasks like running to the bank to sign loan documents. Add to these …

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How to Avoid Engaging in Binge Hiring

Binging has become a popular activity. While binge watching some TV isn’t necessarily harmful, binge hiring is never a good idea. Here are tips to avoid this harmful practice.

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Experiential Interviews: Four Steps to Help You Identify Superior Talent


If you’re still using conventional interviews when hiring, I’ve got bad news—common interviewing methods set you up to pick the wrong people. Why? Because conventional interviews give only the smallest glimpse of the candidate—and an inaccurate one at that. During conventional interviews job candidates are always on their best behavior. They say what you want …

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Four Tips for Fast and Accurate Phone Interviews

Time is valuable. Which is why a brief phone interview, done correctly, is a great use of your time. Here are four tips for making the most of these conversations with jobseekers.

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Four Important Answers to Jobseekers’ Most Pressing Questions

Are you searching for your next role or know someone who is? There are four main questions being asked by people looking for their next opportunity. Without realizing it, they’re asking the wrong questions. Here are those four questions, the better ones to ask, and their answers. Most Asked Question: Where can I find the …

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Why Talking is Undermining Your Hiring Process

It’s been said that talk is cheap. Actually, it’s quite expensive. Too much talking can undermine your hiring process, ending up in costly hiring mistakes. In this video, I share three ways to cut down the talking.

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Choosing the Right People to Hire

Past behavior is supposed to be a good predictor of future job performance. That’s why behavioral interviewing became a popular hiring method. Unfortunately, behavioral interviews are labor intensive. Plus, job seekers have learned how to beat these interviews. Just plug the words “beat the behavioral interview” into a search engine and you’ll come up with …

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Why Likeability Could Lead to Bad Hires

Research proves that liking a job candidate can lead to a bad hire. Learn more from Scott about this issue and how to solve it.

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The One-Question Interview

In many companies, interview questions contribute to bad hires. Is this happening in your organization? And what can you do about it? Scott shares details on how to solve this common problem.

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