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The Problem

What Slows Down Fast Hiring

The way companies hire has long been broken. And hiring challenges grow worse by the day.

In an organization, an empty seat is like an open wound. It’s a painful distraction that interferes with the business’s core mission.

When there’s an empty seat, the work must either be redistributed or left undone, resulting in stress, costs, delays, and lost opportunity, as well as lower revenue.

What’s more, hiring to fill empty seats can take weeks or months, adding strain and extra costs.

Leaders have tried solving their hiring problems through technology, products, and services. Time-to-fill, however, is at an all-time high.

The exhausting effort, distractions, and stress impacts effectiveness. Frequently, this results in employees who aren’t a good fit.

In a short time, those employees leave, and the tired process begins again.

To make matters worse, a growing number of competitors have adopted faster hiring methods, which drains the top-talent pool. This leaves everyone else with inferior candidates who end being poor employees.

What slows down fast hiring? At least four problems get in the way. When trying to select a candidate for a job or assignment, people are:

  • Hampered by their beliefs
  • Tapping into a pool of top-talent that is too small
  • Employing interview methods that are labor intensive and inaccurate
  • Allowing their open seats to interfere with sound decision-making

The Solution

Heroic Leadership Through High Velocity Hiring

High Velocity HiringSM eliminates all of the causes of inefficient hiring.

Instead of perpetuating a process that’s reactive, High Velocity HiringSM allows leaders of talent acquisition, hiring managers within companies, and employees in staffing and recruitment firms to fill jobs and assignments the instant they open.

Our solutions include:

  • Helping people understand how their individual style of hiring helps or hinders efficient employee selection
  • Creating a continuous flow of candidates by improving a company’s Candidate Gravity
  • Sizing up talent more rapidly, ensuring the right fit, right away
  • Building a pool of people ready to hire, while factoring in the reality that good candidates come and go

How the Wintrip Consulting Group Helps

We live in an on-demand download-it-now society that allows us to get what we want the moment we want it. Yet, most companies have open jobs and empty seats that needed to be filled yesterday.

By leveraging the right processes and technologies, companies can build an on-demand system that provides them with the talent they need when they need it.

We show companies how to hire on-demand, empowering them to fill all open jobs in a matter of minutes. In as little as a few hours, we can prepare any company, anywhere, to be successful at High Velocity HiringSM.

Scott Wintrip’s Background

During the past three decades, Scott has helped large organizations, like AFLAC, Bank of America, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Randstad, and the Red Cross as well as small and mid-market companies, such as Aquent, Kohl’s, MAKO Surgical, and Valpak leverage the power of their people.

For four consecutive years, Scott has been named to the Staffing 100, acknowledging him as one of the world’s 100 most influential staffing leaders.

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