Monthly Archives: August 2017

How to Become a Visionary Leader

In leadership circles, there’s lots of talk about being a visionary. Rightly so. Visionary leadership is important for the success and health of any organization. Unfortunately, the ideas often shared on this topic are old, tired, and ineffective. To help you as you look towards 2018, I wanted you to have concrete ideas to help …

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Leading Change: How to Go from Being an A-hole to an A-Player

podcast-sleeveEvery leader has to drive some type of change from time to time. Because changing things makes people uncomfortable, it’s common that leaders are viewed negatively, even when whatever is being changed is in the best interest of everyone. In this podcast, I walk you through three simple change management steps. By following these, you’ll no longer be seen as an “a-hole” and instead be viewed as an A-player by the very people impacted by change.

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How to Create a Rising Tide of Talent Within Your Organization

A line of people queue in front of a bright keyhole opening

Great leaders lift up the people around them. They help employees harness their natural abilities, guide the development of their skills, and support them along an internal career path. Nurturing your organization’s team members has many payoffs. Staff member stay dedicated to the company and its mission; employee retention remains high; and in time, the …

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