Monthly Archives: October 2015

Guilt-Free Leadership

Leadership requires taking chances and making on-the-spot decisions. Often, leaders make the right choice. Sometimes, they blunder. Francis made such a blunder. In rebuilding his recruiting team, he hired not just one, but two people who ended up being bad hires. Making matters worse, several people, including his boss, advised against hiring them. Filled with guilt, he …

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The Disloyalty of Customers

There’s an “affair” going on and it’s not just a tacky television series on the Showtime network. Thousands of people are deemed unfaithful every day, including: Hiring managers who circumvent their corporate recruiters. Managers who work with a staffing vendor not on the approved list. HR leaders who agree to work exclusively with one recruiting …

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The Future is Talent Sufficiency, Not Talent Scarcity

The CEO of Uber recently posed one of the most important questions leaders can ask about their own organizations. Appearing during the first week of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Travis Kalanick was asked about the future of Uber. He focused on Uber Eats, an on-demand food delivery service being quietly rolled out in select …

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