April 2013

Go Hire Some Lazy People

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An often overlooked quality in new hires is their laziness. If you hire more good, lazy people, you’ll find that this is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. Surprised? If so, that’s not a surprise as most hiring managers look at laziness as a detriment instead of the attribute it can be when the right people with lazy streaks are hired strategically in your organization.

Traits, including laziness, can be applied for good or for evil. This all depends on the motives of the individual. What’s sometimes viewed as laziness is really an avoidance by that individual in engaging in high levels of labor intensity. And this is a good thing! The more labor spent on a task means that much less is available for other responsibilities. Leaders all too often look at input instead of output. Does it really matter if someone spends five minutes or five hours on something if both outcomes are the same?

Take time to find the lazy streaks in employees and potential hires. If you delve into the motives behind their laziness, you’ll find that some are truly lazy in the worst context of the word. Others, however, are lazy in the best way, wanting to work to spend as little time as possible getting things done right. Hire them quickly and keep them busy as they will make your company more efficient and more profitable.

Scott WintripGo Hire Some Lazy People
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The Most Important Element in Planning

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Planning is not a science, it’s an art form. By knowing enough about yourself, who you are and how you best operate, you can create a plan that will help you be the best that you can be.

Scott WintripThe Most Important Element in Planning
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Newton’s 3rd Law for Leaders

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you as a leader, keep this in mind for everything you do, you will find you are making better decisions because you have invested time before hand and have anticipated possible outcomes and how you would handle them.

Scott WintripNewton’s 3rd Law for Leaders
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Boston Manhunt: Radical Accountability in Action

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Our televisions were filled with scenes normally reserved for Hollywood and make-believe: gun wielding SWAT teams, military Humvees bristling with weaponry, shots fired, suspects killed and apprehended. A terrible tragedy that started with bombs ended with bittersweet triumph. A job well done. A commitment for justice met.

This is Radical Accountability in action – unwavering responsibility for achieving the desired outcome. While this instance is terribly sad, it is also inspiring to watch what can happen when there is an unrelenting, full-on push to make what seems difficult, even impossible, a rapid reality.

Imagine if leaders in Washington had this kind of courage to transcend politics and create the results desired by the majority of U.S. citizens. Background checks for guns, simplified taxation, and reduced bureaucracy, to name just a few issues, would be more than just good ideas.

Leaders in companies across the globe also benefit when they commit to Radical Accountability. Goals are not just met, there’re exceeded. Good companies become market leaders filled with employees highly satisfied with their work and rewards. Buyers receive tremendous value, keep buying, and the cycle of prosperity generated and value received continues. Statistically, companies with a culture of Radical Accountability consistently generate at least 32% higher profits than those that do not.

Radical Accountability, an unwavering responsibility for achieving the desired outcome, is a commitment within the grasp of any company, any size, anywhere. It starts with a belief in a meaningful goal followed by a sustainable plan to achieve it, persistent implementation, relentless follow through, adjusting with speed, and leveraging successes for future gains.

If you’re ready to instill a culture of Radical Accountability, I’m here to help. On May 21st, I’m launching a new newsletter called Take No Prisoners. This free weekly memo explores how Radical Accountability changes lives and prospers companies. The first 200 people to sign up will also get to particulate in and receive a recording of a free Take No Prisoners TeleClass in June.

To sign up, send an e-mail to the following address. Be sure to respond to the verification e-mail you’ll receive to complete your subscription.


Scott WintripBoston Manhunt: Radical Accountability in Action
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Coincidence is the Universe’s Way of Remaining Anonymous

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When you are on the right path, everything seems to fall in line, but when life starts to go awry, you need to take some time to evaluate the situation and make some adjustments.

Scott WintripCoincidence is the Universe’s Way of Remaining Anonymous
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Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

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Think about a recent sales experience where you did not get the deal.   In retrospect, could you have gotten that “No thanks” because you asked the wrong questions that unnecessarily limited the conversation? The right questions, at the right time, asked in the right way are the essence of being a Sales Yogi (practitioner of selling in the way buyers like to buy).

Learn how to become a Sales Yogi.

Scott WintripScott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day
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