November 2012

Smart Hiring And Firing

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People are the engines that drive the success of companies, however, most hiring and accountability processes are not as nimble and efficient as they could be. Scott shares the “thorough to hire and fire” method for improving the success of the people side of your business.

Scott WintripSmart Hiring And Firing
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Building Unconditional Customer Loyalty

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of being with my wife as she watched her beloved alma mater, Ohio State, beat Michigan in their yearly football matchup. While it’s been several decades since Holly sat in the stands cheering on her team as a student, you would’ve thought it was just yesterday as she hooted, hollered, and even dropped a few choice expletives. She is consistently passionate and loyal for everything Ohio State, regardless of whether they win or lose. Collegiate teams, and even many professional sports franchises, serve as models for creating experiences that enroll people in inviolable attachment, win or lose.

Imagine if your company had that type of loyalty from customers. In spite of occasional failings and shortfalls, they stick by you, your relationship transcending any one transgression or problem. Such loyalty is not only possible, it should be the goal of every business of every size. To achieve this, your organization must employ T-V-A:

  1. Trust: Make promises that are ALWAYS kept.
  2. Value: Provide value customers need along with value they didn’t know they couldn’t live without.
  3. Amends: While you must never fall short on promises, mistakes will happen. Own them, without making excuses, and while making things right use it as an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the client.

Most companies fall short in one or more of these areas at least some of the time. As a leader, it’s your job to ensure this never, ever happens. Yes, this is about perfection, and these three areas can be done perfectly as they are completely within your control if the appropriate processes are in place. If your customers trust that everything you promise will be delivered and if they receive anticipated and unanticipated value, the mistakes, as long as they do not happen often and are handled well, are quickly forgotten. Just like last week’s loss by your favorite team is ancient history, the next time they win, your clients will always be cheering you on as you build and sustain trust, deliver tremendous value, and make amends, as needed.

Scott WintripBuilding Unconditional Customer Loyalty
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Straight-Line Fulfillment

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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, yet, many people take a very roundabout way in getting things done, wasting time and resources in the process. Straight-line fulfillment, one of Scott’s signature methods for reducing labor intensity, is a process for streamlining how work gets done.

Scott WintripStraight-Line Fulfillment
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Evidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews


While behavioral interviewing has some benefits, it falls short as it does not completely assess all of the behaviors necessary for success, only those you have time to review in an interview. Scott shares his latest invention in interviewing, the evidentiary interview, a more thorough way to assess talent.

Scott WintripEvidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews
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