August 2010

What’s Hot and What’s Not – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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Demand for specific types of talent from staffing and recruiting firms can vary greatly from week to week.  In this edition of the StaffingU Market Demand Report, we’ve analyzed what will be most and least in demand in key sectors.  Recruiters are encouraged to actively recruit the titles in demand; salespeople should share this demand data with employers and actively sell talent to them.

MARKET DEMAND FORECAST – September 1, 2010

More Demand – Editors (up 25%)
Less Demand – Graphic Designers (down 10.9%)

More Demand – Chemical Engineers (up 16.3%)
Less Demand – Mechanical Drafters (down 15.5%)

More Demand – Tax Preparers (up 912.3%)
Less Demand – Loan Officers (down 12.3%)

More Demand – Speech-Language Pathologists ( up 1.5%)
Less Demand – Pharmacists (down 14.7%)

More Demand – Machinists (up 6.1%)
Less Demand – Assemblers and Fabricators (down 14.8%)

More Demand – Computer Security Specialists (up 9.6%)
Less Demand – Programmers (down 7.6%)

More Demand – Office Managers and Supervisors (up 9.5%)
Less Demand – Legal Secretaries (down 12.2%)

More Demand – Retail Supervisors and Managers (up 20.9%)
Less Demand – Sales Reps (down 11.2%)

If you have a category you’d like us to analyze, send it to

StaffingU analyzes data supplied by WANTED Analytics in preparing this report.

Scott WintripWhat’s Hot and What’s Not – The StaffingU Market Demand Report
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When Taking Things Personally is a Good Thing

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We’re often told not to take things personally.  Yet, there are times when doing so serves us well.  Take, for example, when you learn that a current client bought from someone else.  Most likely, that means the customer did not tell you or, more often than not, that you did not ask how else you could be of service.  In this instance, one of your competitors got a check that should have been made out to you.

It’s in moments like this that I recommend you take a few moments and take this very, very personally.  You missed out!  Somewhere, somehow, your follow-through or process was not enough to get that customer to send you more money.

The key questions to ask yourself, when this happens, are:

1. How did I miss this?
2. And how do keep this from happening again?

These same questions can be used with candidates when they take an opportunity through another firm.  Especially when it’s at a company that is also a client of yours.

Mistakes are valuable as long as we make them only once and learn the lessons they contain.  So, feel free to take these kinds of things personally and improve your process as a result.

Scott WintripWhen Taking Things Personally is a Good Thing
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Compare Your Firm to Others with Free Data

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Until Friday, Aug. 20, the American Staffing Association is offering free data to any staffing firm that participates in its inaugural Sector Benchmarking Survey. The survey covers temporary, contract, and direct hire placements in the following industry sectors—health care; industrial; office-clerical; professional; and technical, IT, and scientific.

By taking 15 to 20 minutes to share your staffing firm’s data, you’ll receive a complimentary full survey report if you’re an ASA member, while nonmembers will receive an executive summary of the key findings with an option to purchase the full report at a 50% discount.

Sample metrics collected in the survey include:

  • Turnover of sales, recruiting, and customer service employees
  • Assignment billing and pay rates by sector
  • Daily employee placements by company size
  • Data on gross margins and profit margins by sector

You can even review the questions prior to starting the survey. Just go to to download a PDF of the questions or to start the survey.

The information you submit is completely confidential. The survey is administered by Inavero, an ASA corporate partner and market research firm, and ASA only receives and reports aggregate data.

If you have questions about the survey, contact Amalea Híjar, ASA senior manager, sections, at 703-253-1171 or

Scott WintripCompare Your Firm to Others with Free Data
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The StaffingU Market Demand Report – New Feature!

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I’m pleased to share the first post of our newest feature, the StaffingU Market Demand Report.  In partnership with WANTED Analytics (, we’ll be bringing you updates on the latest trends in market demand along with suggestions on how to use this information with prospects and clients.

This week, we’re featuring the top 20 positions most in demand in the United States and where your best sales opportunities exist for the top five.  The openings added are in the last seven days.

Demand for the top five will be greatest in the following cities:

Registered Nurses
1. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX – 1.52 (times the normal demand)
2. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ – 1.46
3. El Paso, TX – 1.45

Physical Therapists
1. Danville, VA – 1.79
2. Harrisonburg, VA – 1.69
3. Visalia-Porterville, CA – 1.57

Retail Supervisors/Managers
1. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY – 1.36
2. Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA – 1.33
3. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC – 1.32

Retail Salespersons
1. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY – 1.42
2. Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA – 1.39
3. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach, FL – 1.39

Occupational Therapists
1. Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, VA – 2.01
2. Lakeland, FL – 1.96
3. Visalia-Porterville, CA – 1.89

To create a sense of urgency for potential buyers, be sure to share how many other openings are competing for the same pool of talent.  For example, it’s one thing to say there is a lot of demand for Physical Therapists.  It’s much more powerful when you backup that statement with the fact that there are 7851 openings in just the past seven days for that same position.

Scott WintripThe StaffingU Market Demand Report – New Feature!
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Show and Tell – Not Just a Kids Game Anymore

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What did you take to your first “Show and Tell” at school? Do you remember the anticipation of seeing what your friends brought and sharing your special toy or item?

Now imagine a very different game called “Tell.” The teacher in a kindergarten classroom asks the children to pick out a favorite toy at home, but not bring it to school. Instead, the teacher has each student stand up and tell everyone all about the item they chose. My guess is that most kids, and even adults, would find this a bit lacking …especially when compared to the fun of “Show and Tell.”

There’s a whole lot of telling going on in the staffing and recruiting business. Clients are told how cost effective using staffing services can be for them. Candidates and applicants are told why one firm is better than another. Jeff, a hiring manager for a manufacturing firm in Kansas City, confirmed the ineffectiveness of just telling. He says, “I have a lot of staffing firms telling me how good they are. But how do I really know for sure? I don’t want words; I want proof.”

The “proof” that Jeff and many others are looking for can be shown. Just like demonstrating how much fun a toy is, you can show clients and candidates why they should do business with you. Here are five examples to get you started on playing a consistent game of “Show and Tell”:

“It is much more cost effective to use our services than to try and fill your needs on your own.”

Partner with your prospect or client in completing a cost comparison. By doing so, they’ll be able to tell themselves the difference in cost.

A free cost comparison tool, the Hiring Process Audit, is available in our Free Tools section.

“Candidates and applicants tell us that we find them the best jobs and assignments in the area.”

Ask people that you’ve placed to write a letter you can give to prospective candidates and applicants. Have them write the letter to the applicant telling them how much they benefited from your services.

“The people we send for your consideration are thoroughly screened before you ever see them.”

Send a new prospect a copy of the questions and documents you use in your screening process. Better yet, invite them to your office to watch you go through the steps.

“We act as a career advisor to the people we work with.”

Set up a career resource center in your office. Then invite every applicant or candidate you work with (whether you place them or not) to come in and use these resources to help them with their job search. If you’re working a national practice, you can create this same resource center online.

“I have exactly the person you’re looking for. Let me tell about their background and why they are such a great fit.”

Let the client try out the person for a few hours at no charge.

So, which game sounds more fun to you? And just as important, will “Tell” or “Show and Tell” be more enticing to your clients and candidates? Play the game and you’ll most certainly find out!

Scott WintripShow and Tell – Not Just a Kids Game Anymore
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What Do You Have to Look Foward To?

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I’m back from a wonderful vacation and my next pleasure trip, a weekend in Vegas with Holly, is already on the calendar for October. While I know that I will have a wonderful time in Vegas, being able to look forward to this trip is just as meaningful.

I play the “always having something to look forward to game” every week. Sometimes it’s a ballgame, time with friends, or something as simple as time with my son. The key is that I always have something that I can look forward to. It helps me to enjoy the present moment, even the ones that are not all that pleasant since I know this too shall pass.

So, what do you have to look forward to? Put something on the calendar now. Maybe a massage later this week or dinner with a friend. And while you’re at it, how about scheduling that next vacation or weekend trip away. You know you deserve it and the anticipation that comes with it.

Scott WintripWhat Do You Have to Look Foward To?
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Smacking Your Clients Upside the Head

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Can you really smack a client…in a good way? Is it possible to stop managers in their tracks and leave them absolutely speechless? I am sure that many of you have already answered ‘yes.’ This answer is probably based upon your first-hand experience in being the one who created that WOW kind of moment. I’ll bet others were thinking that it was a great idea and wondering just how you go about doing something like that.

During a StaffingU TeleClass, I challenged the participants to create and implement what they considered to be a radical idea that might WOW a client or prospect. The only rules in this game were that they had to make up something that they would enjoy doing and to detach from the outcome. With their permission, here are some of their ideas:

1. The Birthday
Susan learned the birthday of one of her key clients. With the help of that person’s manager, she threw a birthday party for her that included all of the trimmings…presents, cake, and great food.

2. Random Acts of Under-Billing
A staffing firm in Michigan decided to play with the popular idea “random acts of kindness.” Their version was to pick a few clients to under-bill. They printed the following message on their invoices:

“You may notice that we under-billed you on this invoice by 10 hours. This is simply our way of saying thank you for your business.”

3. Don’t Buy from Us
Harland got a call from a prospect regarding a job opening. He knew that his company could do a good job filling it, but that their number one competitor could probably do it even better. So, he told this prospect exactly that.

4. Pay Us What You Think We’re Worth
A firm in the Northeast empowered their account manager, Francis, in a unique way. He was given the directive to tell the next account he landed that they would get to set the price they would pay.

5. The Billboard
A small independent agency on the West Coast learned that one of their clients was named “Business of the Year.” So they negotiated a deal to lease a billboard for a month and had a message similar to the following displayed on it:

“XYZ Agency applauds PDQ Company on being named Business of the Year.”

You may be wondering about the outcomes from these actions. In some cases, there did not seem to be tangible outcomes. Yet! In a few cases new orders, expanded relationships, and referrals were generated almost immediately. What was common in every case was the total lack of regret. Every person who participated took great pride in doing something nice simply for the sake of doing something nice.

Some of these ideas may scare you. And that’s okay! This is a game you can play any way you wish. All you need to do is create your own radical idea that is right for you. And if you make it all about WOWing them and let go of any expectations about the outcome, this is a game you can win every time you play it!

Scott WintripSmacking Your Clients Upside the Head
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Market Share Mastery – Part 2 of 2

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In Part 1, we covered the first five benefits of increased depth and diversity in your business.

In addition to those, increased market share…

6. Makes your firm more attractive to the best talent.
Who do you think the very best people want to work for?  The firm that barely manages to keep a few customers happy or the robust firm with the better book of business?

7. Reduces or eliminates leadership challenges.
When you’re busy servicing customers, there’s little time for anything else, including drama, gossip, and bickering.

8. Positions your firm to be more attractive to potential buyers.
One key factor in merger and acquisition activity is the depth and breadth of your customer base.  More often than not, a broad and deep client list contributes to a higher multiple.

9. Improves employee retention.
If staff members are treated well, compensated fairly, and get to work with a solid customer base, why would they want to leave?

10. Really annoys your competition!
Okay, this is not the ultimate goal of increasing market share, but it is a nice little side benefit!

So, are you ready to grab more of your share and master your market?  If so, you can start today by making a list of at least 200 companies you’d like to add to your customer base.  Then, start working your sales magic to attract them to become your clients.  If you’d like some additional help, sign up for my free webinar, Market Share Mastery, hosted by RecruitersConnection, on August 12th.

Scott WintripMarket Share Mastery – Part 2 of 2
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